Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Passenger Review February 2013

What an outstanding trip we had together! Every time we think about it we get goose bumps (and its not due to the cold!). And we still totter as our balance memory resets slowly! We can safely say that all our personal goals were more than fulfilled - we did a large number of dives (for us minnows) so were delighted to have been able to cope with the physical demands of the situation, we came through with only a few scratches and bumps and we kept well throughout despite the ocean's best efforts to knock us off balance. We also encountered every creature we had hoped to encounter and more. Our mama humpback and baby more than made up for the absent whale sharks. The weather at Roca Partida was an unexpected blessing! Best of all, the wild creatures on board proved to be more friendly and supportive than we could ever have hoped for and we all had a lot of fun together. Thank you all for your friendship and affection and we look forward to continuing to stay in touch. We can't leave out our feelings of warmth and gratitude towards the entire Rocio del Mar crew, led bravely from the front by Rey, facing withering challenges on a daily basis in their stride! Pedro was our guardian angel without whom I don't know what we would have done (or indeed whether we would have returned safely at all!). Neena hung onto his hand for dear life and I was careful to stay only a few metres away at all times. Bouyancy management was not our strong suit! So thank you, Pedro for your warmth, patience and support. And of course, Poncho, who ensured that we had as much to look forward to after diving as we did before! Thank you all for so sweetly sharing many of your pictures with us. We had intended to buy a suitable camera at San Jose Cabo - but just couldn't findany dive shop. I hope you will all create a shared Shutterfly site where we can getto enjoy many of your stunning images and videos. Perhaps Rey and Arturo will also put together a Rocio collection for all of us. Thank you all again for everything and do remember that if you should ever visit India/Delhi please do get in touch before you come and we will certainly meet up!! With love to all of you, Sunil and Neena