Friday, May 30, 2014

Trip Report, Revillagigedo. April 30, May 10, 17 and May 20, 2014

Roca Partida is left behind - waiting for next season
One more adventure
Revillagigedo’s 2013-2014 season is over.

So many experiences and unforgettable moments during these fantastic 7 months, more than 400 immersions in the blue and the full of life waters of Socorro, San Benedicto and Roca Partida.  No doubt that Revillagigedo is one of the world´s top dive destinations.

Rocio del Mar and her crew are navigating north through the Sea of Cortez, heading to Puerto Peñasco.  The vessel will be at the dock for her annual service and maintenance and be ready for her new adventure: Sea of Cortez -Northern Midriff Islands season.

Divers approaching Roca Partida in calm seas

Diving is not for everybody, even less will cross half the world on international flights, get into a boat and navigate to distant islands in the Pacific Ocean where only the truly adventurous souls are willing to go.

Dora and Lolo once had a dream.  To have a diving boat and explore remote places. Living an exciting life visiting those unique dive sites where only few people have been there before and where only few ones are willing to go.  The dream of true adventure. 

It has been like that: that is Rocio’s del Mar magic, were dreams come together. 

Owners, crew and guests all sharing dreams aboard Rocio del Mar, living true adventures in the Pacific Ocean, watching unique sunrises and sunsets, experiencing the solitude of the open ocean and diving with the most amazing animals.

It doesn’t matter age, gender, nationality or previous experience. We all are here to dive, to explore the submerged blue world of Revillagigedo, facing some times wind and strong currents but always with a smile and that spark in the eyes before jumping into the water. Looking to have close encounters with unique marine life: giant mantas, sharks, big schools of fishes, tunas, dolphins and of course humpback whales.

Roberto DM, during general briefing

Sun deck ready for steak dinner in Socorro

Food is always good ... thank you Poncho and Joshua
Our last three trips to Revillagigedo have been like that: pure magic, making dreams come true.  Fantastic guests from the United Sates, UK, México, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and Israel traveling lots of hours to be here with us.

Matt and Joane's wedding anniversary

Matt and Bryan's honey moon

Debbie's engagement during the trip
Rocio del Mar was the love boat: we celebrated with our guests Matt and Brian’s honey moon, Debbie and Matthiew’s engagement and Matthew and Joanne’s wedding anniversary.
Diving was fantastic: almost all dives with at least one manta playing with divers, but most of the times we had three, four, even six mantas with us. It was incredible how since the checkout dive mantas were around us and even during the safety stop they came along with us asking to please stay longer playing with them.

Emma's birthday cake

Piñata celebrating birthdays

Thanks Steve for this photo with Guarani DM
We had many encounters with curious and friendly dolphins talking to divers and literally dancing underwater in a big party of camera flashes, smiles and bubbles.

Roca Partida has been exceptional. The usual: huge schools of black jacks, big eye trevallies and cotton mouth jacks.  

Recently we have seen more activity and presence of the stars of the rock: Silvertip sharks schooling, Galapagos sharks racing with yellow fin tunas to catch their dinner, silkie sharks during the safety stops and always  around divers were schools of hammerheads making divers hearts jump with each close encounter. 

Great moments with Dolphins in Socorro (Steve)
It has been an exceptional season.
Our last dive of the season at Cabo Pearce in Socorro island a big whale shark came to say good bye to us waving his tale before he disappeared in the blue.

Hurricane Amanda made us leave Revillagigedo sooner than expected and we finished our last trip diving in Cerralvo island, Espiritu Santo island with sea lions colonies and our last day diving in Cabo Pulmo Marine Park with bull sharks, mobulas and a last sight of a humpback whale on the surface.

Julio and Ever always having fun

Christinne and Klaus during suface interval

Anne Marie from UK

We want to thank Mother Nature for gifting us with so many positive experiences and the opportunity of seeing true wild life. It gives hope. We all are part of it. We all are committed to protecting our oceans. 

But especially we want to thank all of our guests. With out you it wouldn’t be possible to make all of these dreams come true.
We have been very happy to share those dreams with all of you and thank you for sharing with us those special life moments: Honeymoons, marriage anniversaries, engagements and birthdays. Thank you for letting us be part of your life and dreams.

We will always be happy to see you again diving with us, you will always be part of our family and Rocio Del Mar magic.

… see you in our next adventure on the Sea of Cortez …to keep making dreams come true