Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trip Report, Rocío del Mar. Revillagigedo. April 20 to 28, 2013

The Rocío del Mar got back from one more wonderful trip to Revillagigedo archipelago.

We had the opportunity to dive with our friends from Central Oregon Diving, Walter, Pat, Luana, Nelson, Jeffrey, Harry, John H, John P, Kris and Thomas, Mary and Peter, Sheree, the Pickering familiy: Gordon, Julie and Emily. Also Jonathan and Lisa from England and Krissy and Scott from Canada.

The first night aboard the Rocio del Mar, we celebrated Patt birthday with a delicious fruit cake Poncho baked for the occasion. 

Trip weather conditions were magnificent -Gerardo our Captain said, and  with calm ocean we first arrived to San Benedicto for our check-out dives. In the first dive we already started with some hammer heads encounters and whales bridging close to the boat, opportunity that our enthusiastic photographers Patt and Julie didn't miss. We visited the famous Boiler and the dive site the Caves.

The next two days we had fantastic dives in Roca Partida. 

School of Galapagos, Silky sharks
Full moon nights caused strong tide changes in the area and we were having cold water coming up from the depths in Roca Partida. With that cold water full of nutrients fishes and sharks were abundant. Big groups of  Galapagos Sharks (Carcharhinus galapagensis), Silkies (Carcharhinus falciformis), and Hammerheads (Sphyma Lewini) were around the rock in all 8 dives. Also huge schools of black jacks (Caranx lugubris) always indicated us where to go to find the action in the area.
Walter and his video camara at Roca Partida

After all that excitement of sea life divers  had a very relax afternoon just before we start heading to Socorro island.

At Socorro we dove in Punta Tosca and Cabo Pearce. Visibility was not the best for those dive sites but giant mantas (Manta Birostris) came to visit our divers and posed for video and photos. 
John H and John P had a great time looking for small marine life and trying to identify new nudibranchs for
their photo collection.

The early dives were incredible, even the water was cold and not much natural light underwater, we had the chance to see mantas, dolphins and hammer heads in Cabo Pearce. All in one dive!
Jonahtan and Lisa were the first divers to be ready at 7 a.m. to jump in the water.

 Last night in Socorro Rocio del Mar crew directed by our great chef Poncho cooked a mexican dinner in the top deck. The habanero hot chile sauce was a great success with the "carne asada".

Scott and Krissy during mexican dinner
Hammer heads in Revillagigedo
Finally we went back to San Benedicto island to close this amazing trip with four more dives in the canyon. We saw a school of hammerheads and some mantas.

Our way back to San José del Cabo was smoothly and our passengers had a good chance to rest and enjoy the crossing playing games and participating in the video and photo contest. Congratulations to Patt and Scott that won the best photo and video of the trip.

Rocio del Mar and the crew want to thank all our friends, divers for this great trip. We hope to see all of you diving soon !!!

Jeff at Roca Partida

Say HI to the camera!
Time to go back to land. We'll come back soon!
Having a good time!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Passenger Comments - Socorro Islands 2013

We had a great experience on your boat with the "Chicken Divers". What a crew you have, everyone of them an asset, everyone of them helpful, and your chef, awesome. Best of luck to your organization going forward. Jay and Cheryl Jones