Friday, March 29, 2013

Trip Report, Rocío del Mar. Revillagigedo. March 14-26, 2013

The Rocío del Mar just returned from an incredible trip and life time experience into the Revillagigedo archipelago.
Fantastic group of divers that first dove with us past October in the Sea of Cortes, came again to the Rocío del Mar this time to visit the archipelago going not only to the incredible San Benedicto, Socorro and Roca Partida. This time we went to the farthest island for the first time: Clarion.

Clarion is the most remote and the second largest island of the Revillagigedo archipelago, located 314 kilometres (195 mi) west of Socorro Island and over 700 kilometres (430 mi) from the Mexican mainland.

Our adventure started the 14th with a very unusual calm weather in the crossing from San José to San Benedicto, and mother nature gifted us with an incredible sunset.

Our first stop was in San Benedicto Island. Excellent first day we had a very close encounter with 3 humpback whales at The Boiler!
Since the weather was very good Captain Rey decided to go directly to Roca Partida. We had fantastic four dives full of sea life and lots of sharks.
It was possible to take the divers for some snorkeling with the whales and from that day we won't forget Ella's loud "I SWAM WITH A WHALE!!!!"
From Roca Partida we sailed to Clarion. It was a long trip but everyone was excited with the adventure of visiting this remote part of the world.
Dives were great. A big family of dolphins got us by surprise when one of them was literally playing with us acting as it was dead or sick. Then more dolphins came and we saw very big ones and some babies. It was incredible.
Rocío del Mar arriving to Clarion Island

Clarion island from the Captain's bridge

Dolphins in Clarion

We received a warning of bad weather and decided to go back to Roca Partida because the chance of not being able to dive again there was to high with the bad weather warnings.
After one more day in Roca Partida we went straight to Socorro for shelter and some more diving.
Some Mantas,  big school of hammerheads  ... but the best ... whales during a dive in Cabo Pierce!!

The traditional mexican carne asada (barbecue) night in Socorro was the perfect occasion to celebrate Rob´s birthday!

Congratulations Rob!

The weather was better and we headed back to Roca Partida for more exciting diving with sharks, and Roca didn't disappoint us! Huge galapagos sharks, lots of white tips, some distant hammer heads, more silver tips where in each dive. It was great.

Finally we headed to San Benedicto to have a finally diving day in El Cañon. It was incredible to dive with the sound of whales all the time. We saw hammer heads, some dolphins, and in the last dive of the trip .... a tiger shark!

It was a great trip. We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed every minute. Thanks to all our passengers! You guys were an incredible group and we hope to dive with you again very soon!

Rocio del Mar.

Passengers Comments

On Rocio Del Mar I had the most amazing experience. The crew are super friendly, but be warned Pedro will give you English lessons! I will miss each and every one of them. The diving was absolutely wonderful. I’m sure the Tigers and the Galapagos’ will miss me terribly as well. Thanks for such a wonderful time aboard Rocio Del Mar. I will never forget it! Thank you. 
Ella Bryning, Kerikeri, New Zealand

A big thank you to the crew of the Rocio Del Mar for a great trip. As a live aboard owner in the Maldives, Sea Queen and Sea Spirit   I rate this trip as one of the best I’ve done. The boat is very well laid out with excellent food, some of the best I’ve had on many live aboard trips. The crew have been wonderful and extremely knowledgeable always will to help and assist. The diving has been great with tons of sharks, dolphins and plenty of reef life. Not to mention the tiger shark and the amazing sunset with the humpback whales providing the entertainment.
Rob Bryning­, ScubaTours worldwide, UK

With a big thank you to all the crew of the Rocio del Mar for a wonderful (I won’t say relaxing!!!) trip. Two adult and a young humpback whale on the first day … (while underwater) Followed by dolphins, all kinds of sharks, a few mantas (never enough). And the reef life when the sharks weren’t playing. 
The food was too good – I’m sure I am going back heavier and the crew always kind and attentive. Again thank you for a great trip (and to Rob for organising it!
Sue Yarker, Penistone UK

Great trip topped off with a large tiger shark on the last dive, the crew were always smiling and helpful and the food was some of the best I have had on a liveaboard
- Andy Gordon, Croydon, UK

The liveaboard is laid out very well for diving, food very good and plentiful.  Diving was very good with loads of sharks of different types from schools of hammerheads, silvertips, galapagos, white-tips with on the last dive very close encounter with a large tiger shark.  Plenty of dolphin encounters and humpback whales around the boat.  Crew were very attentive, always helpful wanting to give us the best diving.
Philip Sheehan, London, UK

A great, well organised trip.  Good sleeping accommodation and good catering even for the very hungry.  Close encounters with dolphins, sharks, rays, big jacks, the ubiquitous trigger fish, puffer fish and many more. Most dive were accompanied by loud whale song! Great support from a clearly very experienced and competent crew.
Mike Boyd, Isle of Man, British Isles

The diving was five star whales,dolphins,sharks such as hammerheads,silkys,galapagas,silvertips,white tips and TIGERSHARK.The diving facilities and service provided by the crew was worth another five star.The fivestar PLUS award goes to the chef PONCHO who provided us with the fuel to assist us to survive four dives per day. Thanks again for looking after us on this Socorro trip 2013
Reg & Maureen G in, London, UK

Well what a trip…made even better with the crew of the Rocio del Mar. They know how to look after us and our camera’s.. The diving was fab, loads of stuff to see, with so many dives just listening to the whale song.. we arrived full of hope and were not let down. With Dora silent running is the key to success. Thanks for everyone for being so understanding of my seasickness – just nothing was too much trouble.
Steve & Chris Magness, Flitwick England UK